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Anonymous asked: Hi! I know you're on hiatus, but I just wondered if you would ever make something about Bulgarian history? And did Binnni delete her tumblr?

I really don’t see why we wouldn’t do anything on Bulgarian history! Not sure when we’ll get there exactly, but it’s definitely not an impossibility. :) 

(And nah—this is Binni; I’m at binni-j now.)

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Anonymous asked: I hope you two are doing ok! And if your just busy with life I understand, but could you give us a word or two when it might be updated again? Thankyou for your time and I love the art!

I hope Sires doesn’t mind me answering this. :];;

Hello, fair Anon! As far as I know, both Sires and myself are quite well, and thank you for said hope! :) School just recently relinquished its hold on me for the summer, so I’m gonna be working on the next update in the next couple days. Research, script-writing, and all that jazz. After that, it’s up to Sires to art everything in between work and any contests or projects she has going on.

I can’t really give you a definitive date because of that, but within the month, maybe! (Since. I dunno Sires’ schedule at the moment…. ;u;)


I have no idea why you would think I would mind even a smidgen, Binni! I’m ready to draw anytime! 

Thank you anon for your compliments, and I appreciate your interest in Histeria! I’ll post something for a heads-up when we have a more definite date.


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Anonymous asked: Do you guys only do comics about the characters you have listed in the tags? Do you take requests/ideas for other characters? c:

Ahh, it’s more like we only have comics up of the characters listed in the tags, but many, many more will show up. (I have to update those, now you mention it.)

As for requests, I’m afraid it’s probably not exactly what you’re thinking. D: It’s really more the bare-minimum of the definition; we like knowing what the readers want/are expecting so we know how to steer the ship. To be fair, Sires and I are discussing lighter filler comics so that when we have larger Gaps of Life, we don’t leave you guys with 3 months’ worth of blue balls.

Ahhh I probably should have waited to answer this during a broadcast, but fdsjaklf I hope Sires will forgive me.


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Anonymous asked: Dear, Murrow! Are you planning to continue those amazing comics?

Hello, dear Anon! 

Fear not! Comics are still a go. I wanted them up sooner, but there were papers to write, and … poems … to write. (Blergh, I suck at poetry.) Plus life, for both Sires and myself. But any time between today and Friday, I’m expecting. I have a lot of stuff to do today, including polishing the comic texts.

So yes! There will be more! :)


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