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diningwithhannibal asked: Hello there! So, I was reading your blog and saw a little mistake in the comic where Francis is about to take Mary Queen of the Scots with him on the ship. It's nothing really serious, but still; it should 'mon petit coeur' instead of 'ma petite'. 'Coeur' is invariable and has to remain masculine, even if Mary is feminine. If you can fix that without too much trouble, you should edit it. c:

asldkfj Yep, that’s my bad. I always forget to focus on the noun; I’m always, “WELL THEY’RE TALKING TO A GIRL…” which explains my … grades in French class. Whoops….

We shall get it fixed! Thank you for letting us know!



Again, thanks for letting us know and making this comic one step closer to perfection! I appreciate your time and contribution! 


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